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  1. Dan

    I leave

    Hope you've got your sea legs brother. Semper Fi.
  2. Dan


    Welcome to RevivalScape! We are glad to have you part of the family! if you need anything please feel free to ask! If you can, please join the discord so you can come and chill with us! Dan
  3. Very nice content Grape, this is just the kind of thing we need! this will help new players who need some help killing zulrah! this will also bring some new items into the economy. Thank you for this AWESOME guide. Keep up the great work man.
  4. GREAT job Grape, this is the kind of stuff we need. I can tell that you put some time into this and it came out great, it explains everything to new players in the home, and it is even color coded so they can completely understand it. I'm very happy with this! keep up the great work man!!
  5. Dan


    Thanks for the introduction man, we really appreciate all the hours that you put into the game! and of course that good green shit 😛 keep up the great work man!
  6. Thanks for joining and thanks for the feedback about the donator shop! we will make sure to look over it. We will have to see just how much you "live" in the wilderness 😉
  7. Dan

    Zach Intro

    Welcome Brother!! Glad to have you back man.
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