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Zulrah Guide by Grape

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Hello, Welcome to my Zulrah Guide. I know as a new server a lot of people can't do zulrah right away. However, you can still be prepared for the future! I will break down about a 3 minute kill and the places to stand for it. You're going to want the best range gear possible, mage switch is not necessary. You're also going to want rings of recoil for the snakelings, overhead prayers, range potion is optional but I do recommend a prayer potion depending on your prayer level. If you can make anti-venom+, then do so. If not, its not a big deal. Just bring the best food you can and watch your hp!

NOTE: If you die, you will respawn with 0 items. You will need to pay 500k to Zul-Areth to retrieve your items. They will be put straight back into your bank.

Zulrah can be found using the teleport. Control + T will pull  up the teleport interface. Under bosses, you'll find the Zulrah option.


Walk east to the edge of the dock and speak to Zul-Areth or just click the boat.

Run to the northwestern most point, and pray range right away. The first is Range.

Then, stay in the same spot, and pray melee. There is no reason right now to move back and forth between tiles like OSRS. Praying melee will protect you, and you will not be stunned.



After melee, stay in the same spot. Pray mage.



Youre going to want to Pray Range. Zulrah will spawn to your west side. 



Move slightly south, but do not go past the pillar or you will take venom cloud damage. Pray Mage. 1456903144_zulspot4.png.246fd22a9fd0fe83e8dadb13477d2bad.png


In the same spot, Pray Melee.



Next, Pray Range, and run east to about the mid point. Do not cross the pillar or you will take venom cloud damage.



Pray Mage. The next spawn will be in the south. Normally, this is where my kill ends. However, I went one more spawn for the guide.



Run west and Pray Range.



After the kill, there will be no zulrah teleport on the ground. Just loot. So tele home, heal up with the nurse or ornate pool, and tele back for more kills after grabbing more supplies. 


Zulrah in this server is pretty simple but you can and will die if you do not pay enough attention. Make sure to grab your stuff back as soon as possible after you die to prevent loss of items. 


Any questions/comments/concerns, please post or pm me and I'll do my best to address it!

Hope this helps some of y'all out there get some blowpipes, snake pets, or serp helms!

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Very nice content Grape, this is just the kind of thing we need! this will help new players who need some help killing zulrah! this will also bring some new items into the economy. Thank you for this AWESOME guide. Keep up the great work man.

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