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Guide to the Revival Home

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Hello and welcome to my guide of whats at the home teleport in revivalscape. I will briefly go through everything accessible at home and hopefully you find what you are looking for!


First is the home bank. Here you can access your bank right there at the booths!



In the bank you will find the RevivalScape Guide and Mage of Zamorak. The Guide can provide useful information to new players.

The Zamorak Mage will give you a large pouch for rune crafting and will teleport you to either the Essence Mine or the Abyss to train everyones favorite skill, Runecrafting!



On the East side of the bank you will find 5 stalls for thieving. Each stall requires a certain level to thieve and are laid out from left to right by level. Stall 1 is level 1, Stall 2 is level 25, Stall 3 is level 50, Stall 4 is level 75 and Stall 5 is level 90. Each stall will provide you with an item you can then sell to the NPC standing next to the stall for some solid GP. 




In the Northeast corner of the bank you can find the White knight (Red) which contains the Donor Store and the Trading Post(green).



The Donor store can be used to purchase items that are generally hard to get or rare cosmetics. Each donation helps keep this server running and provides room for more improvements such as a faster vps, more forum space, discord upgrades, and more! 



The trading post acts like the grand exchange does in OSRS. Pick an items, set a price and wait for someone to buy it. Don't waste xp by standing and advertising your sale. Let the TP do it for you!



At the northern entrance you will find two chests. While destroying the monsters of revivalscape, you will come across crystal keys and brimstone keys. These keys can be used to open chests for more rewards. The red chest is for crystal keys and green is for brimstone keys.



In the Northwest corner you will find the vote shop (green), nurse to heal you (red) and the daily task npc (blue).



Right outside the northern wall, is 3 more npcs: Bounty Hunter Store (Green), PK Point Store (blue) and Ticket Exchange (red) for PK and Vote tickets. Watch where you click as the lever circled in black will teleport you to level 50 wilderness with no teleport back!



The bounty hunter NPC Can exchange emblems found while slaying wilderness monsters and your bounty target for points used to purchase items.



PK Points can be earned by slaying pursuit bosses like Angel of Death or other players and redeemed for rewards.



Just North of the bank is the teleport. Although you can open teleports with control+T, if you only feel like playing with one hand, click the teleport to open the interface and pick where to go!



East of the bank is a small building which contains the important Iron Man Store NPC (green). For anyone selecting the Ironman game mode, this is one of the only stores you can access and provides useful supplies for getting started on your ironman. There is also a few anvils around the building and Otto Godblessed. 



Just north of the small building you will find two altars. In red, you can choose which spell book you'd like to be on. In Green is the normal prayer altar to recharge prayer. You can also use your bones on the altar for more experience than burying them!



Outside of that building is the all important Recipe for Disaster event. You can enter the portal (red) and defeat the bosses of RFD and earn the ability to wear barrows gloves. In the green, you will find the chest to purchase the gloves as well as a bank chest. In blue is another crystal key chest.



You can also find a fenced area with a ton of NPCs that will aid you. Let's go over them.


Outside of the fence is 4 npc's. In red on the left is the clue scroll exchange NPC. If you have one of each clue scroll (easy, med, hard, elite) you can trade them in for a master clue. In black is the make over mage to change your appearance. In Blue is thesselia who has a clothes store for your fashion scape needs. In red on the right is the Tanner and crafting store.




You can also find the potion decanter (red), general store (blue) and wise old man skill cape shop!




Next to them is the Marks of Grace store (blue) and the prestige manager(green). The prestige manager can reset a skill to level 1 from 99 and you will earn prestige points. Prestiging the same skill will reward more points each time after. The rewards are still being worked on currently.




Next we have the more important stores for you pkers and pvm'ers alike. In Blue is the consumables store for food and potions. In Red is the melee store for armor and weapons. Black is the range store for bows, knives and arrows. Lastly in green is the mage store for runes, staves, teleport tablets.




Lastly to the west of the home bank is the slayer masters for you to train slayer. You can get tasks, complete them and get rewards with the points you earn. The trapdoor takes you to edgeville dungeon and the cave to the slayer cave.

slayer masters.PNG


Thats basically all there is to the home currently and I will gladly revise this if major changes occur. 


Any questions/comments/concerns, feel free to hit me up and ask in game or on forums and I will get to it when I can.

Hope this helps you learn the game easier. Happy scaping!

Edited by Grape

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GREAT job Grape, this is the kind of stuff we need. I can tell that you put some time into this and it came out great, it explains everything to new players in the home, and it is even color coded so they can completely understand it. I'm very happy with this! keep up the great work man!!

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